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Dial Solutions

Website development

Dial Solutions have been developing web sites and web applications since the early 1990s. Their first interactive educational website,, went live in the mid-1990s, and the very same cgi code is still running to this day.

Because of it's historical links with software for the classroom, much of Dial's web development has been for clients in the education sector, and includes a mix of sophisticated client side Java and Javascript applications for classroom activities, and server side technologies including PHP and MySQL.

Dial Solutions host and maintain many of their clients websites on their own physical and cloud servers and ensures the highest levels of security. All work is hosted on the GNU/Linux operating system to take advantage of the zero licencing cost, and the high levels of performance, reliability and security that the platform provides.

Here is a list of a representative selection of some of Dial's work to date. Note that some of the sites are very old - from when web standards were not what they are today! All current web work, of course, uses HTML 5. Also note that due to data licencing or privacy restictions, some of the websites, or portions of the websites are not publicly visible without proper authentication.

www.dtonline.orgNAAIDTOne of our first interactive websites written in the mid 1990s and still in regular use today, using a mix of the original codebase and MediaWiki! Information for use by D&T students in the classroom. Browser based design tools including a circuit designer and a Javascript parametric CAD system for modifying designs for such things as packaging, kites and sundials! of universities.A Drupal deployment for the Poverty and Social Exclusion in the United Kingdom research project. Includes much custom javascript graphing code for presenting survey data.
forum.oeap.infoOutdoor Education Advisory Panel.A PhpBB deployment for the internal communications and descussion between OEAP members.
NaaceNaaceCMS for website content, membership administration system including online payments and mailing list integration, web based tool to generate the weekly members' newsletters, outputting a range of standards compliant formats, integrations with Moodle, Elgg and MediaWiki.
YHGfL GIS Site (Loc8) (not publicly visible for data licencing reasons)YHGfLA large GIS system with Ordnance Survey vector and bitmap data, and overhead photographs of the region held in a large searchable database. A custom Java applet provides cross-platform browser based access to the data with control over layer visibility, opacity, zoom, measuring tools, drawing tools and more. Access is restricted to schools in the YHGFL area, however you can see a screenshot here.
BERABERAA Drupal deployment with multiple private special interest groups, each with their own forum and wiki. Automated membership management and event payment with PayPal integration and detailed reporting.
The MouthPiecetheMouthPieceA vBulletin deployment for the brass band world's largest and busiest discussion forum. first version of the web interface written in Ruby for controlling Bytemark's excellent cloud hosting platform.
Thoroughbred InternetBarnes Thompson LtdAdverts, racing results, huge equine genealogy database, and just about everything connected with the racing industry.
WebulatorDial SolutionsOnline website building tool aimed at small businesses and organisations such as churches, villages, schools, allotments and bands.
Kilworth StudioKilworth StudioOnline product database for a supplier to the Building Schools for the Future programme. Features PDF outputs generated from database contents. Site only visible to registered users.
Northumberland LEA communicationsNorthumberland County CouncilA system to deliver and provide a searchable archive of the weekly mailings from the County Council to schools.
Durham Primary SchoolsDurham County CouncilSystem to allow Durham schools to easily generate and cutomise their own websites - using a customised version of our Webulator software plumbed into Durham's back end systems for authentication.
NAAIDTNAAIDTContributory databases, forums, membership list, integration with mailing lists and email forwarding.
North Yorkshire LEANorth Yorkshire County CouncilContributory databases, training course advertising and bookings, health and safety monitoring, tracking schools' compliance with various government requirements. GIS system. Forums. Moderated registration system. Fibrillation support groupA research tool which collects information from sufferers of atrial fibrillation all around the world. The collected data can be searched, interrogated, and the results saved as a CSV file for processing in other applications.