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Dial Solutions

About Dial Solutions

Dial Solutions Ltd was founded in 1994 as the development focus for a group of the UK's leading software programmers and developers who had been working together since 1987, and produced many of the best selling products for the Acorn Risc OS platform. The company initially specialised in developing multimedia, graphics, CADCAM and web applications, and deploying Free and Open Source software solutions for education. The programming team have mathematical, educational and engineering backgrounds, enabling them to also undertake contract programming for a number of industrial clients.

The group have been responsible for many successful educational software titles going back to the late 1980s, including the best selling My World software, developed in conjunction with Derbyshire Education Authority, and in use in virtually all UK primary schools. The company has gained a reputation for producing innovative applications which feature a high degree of functionality while using only a minimum amount of code.

Expertise in CAD has led Dial Solutions to produce an elegant, cross-platform multi-media engine which is used as the basis for all its multimedia products. The programming team have been involved in the development of hundreds of products. Their low level modules are licenced and used by many of the UKs leading software developers.

These days Dial Solutions specialises in web development, mainly in PHP, deploying and customising Open Source software platforms, and managing web and mail servers for our client base.

The company has also undertaken a number of industrial/engineering contacts including production line control software for Leoni Wiring Systems (formerly Lucas) and CNC post processing software for Boxford Machine Tools.

Dial Solutions' software titles include: