My World 3 for Windows TM

Making Linked Screens

Once you have made a link to another screen, you need a way of returning to screen 1 (the 'menu' screen).

If your linked screen has no popups, you can use the LinkTo1.mwb file in the global resources directory (but remember that you cannot edit this. This simply closes the current sccreen and opens screen 1.

If, however, you have one or more popups on your linked screen, you will need a local file which closes any of these which are open as well as the screen, before returning you to screen 1.

The Mwb files directory contains a copy of LinkTo1.mwb which you can edit and copy to


REM Open a new screen


REM Close the current one



If your screen has any popups, you can close them automatically by adding one or more commands like this:


before the

(You can add lines to close all your popups, whether currently open or not)

This script will now close the linked screen and a popup called 'popup1'.

It then opens screen 1.

NB unlike previous versions of My World, the state of the link screens is 'remembered' until the whole file is closed. This allows you to make changes to one screen, go to another then return, to find your changes unaffected.

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