My World 3 for Windows TM

Making Linked Screens

The example files contain many sets of linked screens, eg Chart.myw, Number Bonds.myw and Traffic.myw

Linked screens are created in the same way as popups, but it is not normally necessary to resize the screen.

Screens names can be numbers or words (but NB, the first screen MUST always be called 1).

As with popups, you will need to add local script files to link to and from the different screens you create.

The Mwb files directory contains an example (OpenLink.mwb) of a link from screen 1 to a linked screen:


REM Open a new screen


REM Close the current one



NB 1) the screen name MUST match that in the script file

2) it is important that the OPEN command is placed before the CLOSE command in the script.

This script is designed to be used with a text or graphics frame. When the picture or words are clicked on, the linked screen opens and the current one closes.

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