My World 3 for Windows TM

Editor Tutorial

Once you have imported some graphics, save the screen then open it again.


From the View menu, select Resources. You will see that if you click on directory 1 (the current screen), a list of the screen's resources appears.

These can be edited by loading them into a suitable editor.

IYou can drag the file icons from the Resource Viewer to the screen, either to overwrite a previous version or to make multiple copies.

Unwanted resources can be deleted.

As resources are added to the screen, it is advisable to double-click on each and to set the Frame Type for the resource. This determines how the graphic will behave when the screen is run in browser mode.

The two most commonly used frame types are Copiable.mwb and Moveable.mwb. Animations should be set to AnimationPlay.mwb.

(see also the later section on buttons)

NB The files Screen.mwb and Screen.scr are not editable from the Resources Viewer.

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