My World 3 for Windows TM

Making a simple screen

The objects which you place on the screen (images, text, animation, etc.) are called resources.

Click here for a list of filetypes which My World 3 can import.

There are a number of ways to add resources to a screen.

The simplest way to add graphics is to drag and drop a file icon onto the screen from any filer window. (In the My World 3 directory you will find a directory called Resources. This includes many graphics for you to experiment with.)


Each resource is held in a rectangular frame which is normally invisible. (To see frames, click the View menu and select Show borders).

You will need to set the frame type for each resource. Double-click on a frame to open the Frame Properties dialogue box.

On a simple screen, the two frame types you are most likely to use are Moveable and Copiable. Click the Frame Types menu arrow, scroll down the list, click on the frame type then click OK.

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