My World 3 for Windows TM

Example Screens 2

Matching Match words and pictures. Put them in alphabet order.

Number Bonds Bonds to 10, 20, 50 and 100

Number Sentences Build your own number sentences.

Phrase Book Useful phrases in five languages

Place Value Use words and numbers to show place value

Sequencing Put words and pictures into chronological order

Solar System Match the planets and information.

Sorting Sort the items. Many possibilities.

Spot the Dog. Find my dog. He's the one with the red collar.

Story Builder Build sentences from lists of words and phrases.

Teddy The classic My World screen updated. Dress the bear.

Tiles Investigate tiling, symmetry and tessellation with this versatile screen.

Traffic Match vehicle names and pictures in French, German and Spanish.

Words Sentence starts and finishes.

World Map Put words and symbols on the map.

Basis1 blank screen with text and bin icons

Basis2 blank screen with numbers, operators, text and bin icons

Basis3 blank screen with letter tiles, text and bin icons

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