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Using the screens

There is no fixed way of using My World screens. They are designed to provide the user with an environment to explore. The real educational value often lies in the explanations users give for the ways in which they are using the screens.

It follows that assigning screens to age ranges and curriculum areas is often of little value. The same screen may be approached in very different ways by users of different ages and abilities.

The following table should therefore be regarded as giving outline guidance only. NB all these screens involve the use of IT.

Subject areas

Subject blob Art Subject blob D and T Subject blob English Subject blob Geography Subject blob History Subject blob MFL

Subject blob IT Subject blob Maths Subject blob Music Subject blob PE Subject blob Science
Screens 1
TitleSubject areasSuggested age rangeNumber of screens
MatchingSubject blobSubject blobSubject blob5 - 112
Body PartsSubject blobSubject blob5 - 91
BlobSubject blobSubject blob5 - 112
DinosaurSubject blobSubject blob5 - 143
Read and WriteSubject blobSubject blob5 - 93
SortingSubject blobSubject blobSubject blob5 - 142
RomanSubject blobSubject blob5 - 111
NumbersSubject blobSubject blob5 - 1110
Coral ReefSubject blobSubject blob5 - 141
TilesSubject blobSubject blobSubject blobSubject blobany1
Screens 2
TitleSubject areasSuggested age rangeNumber of screens
Co-ordinatesSubject blobSubject blobSubject blob7 - 143
EstimatingSubject blobSubject blob7 - 142
WeatherSubject blobSubject blobSubject blob5 - 148
RotationSubject blobSubject blob7 - 111
LanguagesSubject blob7 - 144
FootballSubject blobSubject blobSubject blob5 - 141
Room DesignSubject blobSubject blob7 - 148
Solar SystemSubject blobSubject blobSubject blob7 - 141
Water CycleSubject blobSubject blob7 - 146
Story MakerSubject blobSubject blob7 - 142

Accompanying text

Each interactive My World screen appears in a web page which also contains explanation, ideas or instructions. The language level of the text is as far as possible compatible with the level of the My World screen.

There is of course nothing to stop users, teachers and parents devising other sets of instructions to accompany the screens - don't feel restricted by our ideas!

Customising the site

This site attempts to address a wide age and curriculum spread. Individual children are likely to find particular screens useful and fun to use. To make it easy to reach these directly, you may want to use the browser's 'Favourites' or 'Bookmarks' option to create shortcuts to these screens.

Once a shortcut is set up, simply clicking on it will connect the computer to the internet and load the page, without going through the opening screens and menus.

Please note that you will still require the username and password to access these screens.

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